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I would gladly slap myself right now.

We met at SMNE with the purpose of delivering him his Merlin dvds and have an experience of Kingdom Hearts 3D, and maybe update each other a little. Well, what happened was something beyond that.

As I was texting him while going down the escalator, he purposely walked past me and was about to go up the other escalator if I didn't tug on his yellow shirt. I always forget how tall he is. Damn.

So we met, ate at Manang's and talk about anything we could think of. I also played with his NDS after we ate. Took us about 2 hours there then decided to look for BDO to finally pay me.

I told myself, "I will maximize this free day. I swear."

We ended up going around the mall a little, then went to the supermarket to buy his fresh milk cartons *_* Teasingly, I told him I wanted to have a drink. He refused to join me coz he still have class the next day. I convinced him at least to just tag along while I drink a bottle or two, that he doesn't have to drink. I just need alcohol badly (especially at that very moment). We went out to Sky Garden and hit the usual bar and ordered for one...two...three bottles each.

What did we talk about? Anything and everything under the gloomy night, but amidst all the things we thought of, I couldn't ask him about her. I just couldn't.

For all that's worth, at least, we enjoyed the night talking, laughing, floating under the influence. I just have snap out of my trance while staring at him while leaning back and laughing heartily with a glass of T. Ice on his hand.

Sweet torture.


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