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i was able to hang out with my first daughter, gielyn, for half the day.
i accompanied her to UST to claim the california maki she ordered then went back immediately to UP. 
she asked if i wanted to tag along with her in chocolate kiss with her blockmates for lunch. being the thick-skinned that i am, i said i was okay with it. ^^ 

so there i was, observing their small group quietly as i indulge on my dayap chiffon cake when it suddenly hit me. 
this scene right in front of me was all too familiar. 
then i laughed at myself for not getting it the first time. 

same place. same time. 
same gestures. same touches. 

it's like that certain part of my life was staged into a drama and 
had it played in front of me just for the sake of bitterness.

you remind me of a guy that i once knew.
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this would be my last reminiscing of him. after this, i'll forget everything. 
i promise. 

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 i don't know why but Fate suddenly bitched at me. 

why do i have to see him? 

it's the last day before Christmas break and we had to meet paths >.< 
like do we really had to??? 

we haven't had a decent contact with each other for centuries (ok that's exaggerating)
and then he suddenly pops into my life like a mushroom? 

guh >.< 

forgetting something you’re supposed to remember is nothing 
compared to remembering something you’re supposed to forget



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