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finally. some dirty work with the accession & acquisitions section :D

jed *referring to Gerard* and i were to accession a shelf of books complete with the stamps and embedding of the security strip.

let's define that dirty work i was saying:

hands on job  )

but as always, we were all hyped up to do the job while forever listening to dj earworm's awesome mashups and a few old school songs that were playing over the radio. the assigned task which was suppose to be for 2 days was finished in just a day.

can i just say that we are an awesome duo? \m/ we are unstoppable! *pumps fist*
although right now my knuckles are hurting because of the hand jobs...LOL.

we finished the whole shelf that has 5 rows of paperback/hardbound books of various thickness and sizes. these books are not your normal books. these are engineering books and damn they do cost a lot! the most expensive book i accessioned was about 12,000+ php *___* that's the reason for the security strips and of course, the sensors by the library doors if anyone dares to pull it out by illegal means.

out of all the things that i did, i was quite amused on how to put the security strip on the book.
very, very sneaky indeed ^^

as for my entry title up there *points at the title*
i had this super roflmao moment while treating the books...

imagination might help XD )
the cotton trees in UP have "bloomed" already! 


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