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i passed the upcat surprisingly (no kidding) with the course electrical engineering and to top that, the diliman campus. back in high school, i'm not really the type who is very academically inclined. i failed my algebra and physics subjects, and i barely passed my other science subjects back then. i don't study everyday. i always watch anime and play the ps back then. i'm not the popular type either in high school. i'm just your ordinary (and maybe weird) high school assumptionista.

so i passed the upcat and a whole new life was bound to welcome me in UP. my course is mostly made up of males. imagine 4 out 25 bs ee students are female. that kind of ratio. yeah, i became one of the guys. i was able to keep up with how the guys think (including the dirty ones) and was okay with it actually. i struggled with my engineering subjects since my mind's not really inclined with such technicalities. i shifted out of electrical engineering and to mechanical engineering, but i didn't even stay for one year with that course. i was even kicked out of the university (not just in the college) because there was one sem that i didn't pass any of my subjects. i applied for reconsideration to accept me again in up diliman. luckily, they allowed me. by 3rd year i applied for non-major, meaning... i have no specific course track. i was a wandering undergraduate student. another year of being a bum, trying out one course after another. until i ended up at LIS. and well, things got better little by little. when i finally found my niche in LIS i was still not the best student. i'm still lazy, had a lot of blunders here and there, but i got through. because at one point, you yourself will have to move your own body and push yourself to do something.

my thesis period was one of the unforgettable moments. my topic was denied last summer so i have to research again and submit another topic. by 1st sem last year, i was really a lazy bum, not doing anything on my thesis topic presentation. thus my pretend game with my parents. this 2nd sem, i was only able to present by the end of february. i started my data gath second week of march, and crammed my chapter 4 and 5 by the end of march.

and then, i found myself finally graduating.

i'm telling you guys this to be a living proof that,
you may be worse than other people in many ways, but there will be something good in you that will get you through life.

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this until October. 

hoping that my sanity will still be intact until then.
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just enrolled myself yesterday at UP and omg i finished the whole registration process in one day! O.o

never. ever. in my UP life have i imagined that i won't go through enrollment of hell again. those days of not having one single subject granted to you by the crs enlistment site, waiting long hours for a slot to open from in-demand subjects, hunting for an MST subject, being ineligible to enroll just because you were wrongly assessed with your tuition fee last sem, get involved with a brawl for one subject, and of course, that very long, long, long, long line for the payment. 

thank God i'm finally graduating! 


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