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this until October. 

hoping that my sanity will still be intact until then.

you and me

Jun. 21st, 2011 08:31 pm
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so i found my old diaries way, way back 2005 and read a lot of things...mostly about my long time "friend" whom i had fallen for.

my entries of him were all happy, exciting, sometimes naughty moments. as i flip on every page i realize that i have fallen madly in love for him during those years. i write each and every moment that i had with him: from our first hellos, classes together, misadventures from our engg subjects, food trips, cutting classes to watch movies, jeepney rides...


sadly, nothing became of us. 
even as i type these things right now, we don't contact or even drop each other a hi anymore. 
we became so distant from each other without even knowing the reason why.

why we ended up like this.

but maybe, i'm thankful to have such wonderful memories of him. 
thank you chris joaquin.

thank you for the memories.

M (me): nakakamiss siya. sana makita ko siya ngayon. kahit sulyap lang ayos na...pambawi lang sa kamalasan ng buhay ko
F (friend): magkikita din kayo
*after a few minutes*
M: omg
*sees him walking towards of me*

- his hand placed over my shoulder casually while he's having a conversation with his friends
- my leg would suddenly go numb, then he will find it out...then he'll go mad and play with my numb leg
- sem ender: he suddenly wrapped his arms around me and read his question out loud while we were still in that position...
- nov 6 '06 enrollment: i arrived at the tambayan looking very tired and down. he was there too. i sat one side and just listened to other people's conversation. then i realized he was making fun of me already. i laughed and at the same time, clobbered him for his outtakes. he finally said, "pinapatawa lang naman kita...ang lungkot mo kasi."
- he is a known "kuripot" when it comes to text messages, and for him to send quotes (sweet and thoughtful ones) to me should have meant something
- food and movies together...just the two of us
- cheese corn by the waiting shed
- sharing an umbrella under a hard downpour
- he calls me "mama bear" as a pet name
- he takes a lot of candid shots of me using his cellphone

so many memories... so many wasted opportunities to say,
"i love you"
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it's so hard trying to fulfill manly duties in our household.

you can’t blame me if i’m the boyish type of girl.

i have to be tough.
i have to be protective.
i have to endure the emotional stress happening.
i have to be rough.
i have to survive.

i have to.
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just enrolled myself yesterday at UP and omg i finished the whole registration process in one day! O.o

never. ever. in my UP life have i imagined that i won't go through enrollment of hell again. those days of not having one single subject granted to you by the crs enlistment site, waiting long hours for a slot to open from in-demand subjects, hunting for an MST subject, being ineligible to enroll just because you were wrongly assessed with your tuition fee last sem, get involved with a brawl for one subject, and of course, that very long, long, long, long line for the payment. 

thank God i'm finally graduating! 


May. 24th, 2011 10:14 am
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I shiver when I hear your name 
Think about you but it’s not the same
I won’t be satisfied I’m under your skin
- Shiver by Maroon 5
i totally enjoyed last night's Maroon 5 concert at SMX. that intimate connection with the fans is just overwhelming. the feeling of being able to sing their songs with them is just beyond epic. they are real artists who knows their art very well and they treasure their fans so much. 
Adam Levine <3 
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i just finished my digital portfolio and now it's up and running! 

my adviser in my ojt encouraged me to have a portfolio of my designs as early as today because it will be a good asset when applying for work in the future. so i'm starting to establish my name with the creative design shizz.

i can say that i'm still an amateur with my designs, but i'll get better and hopefully, my collection will get big :D 

visit my portfolio here: AMAECYING COLLECTIONS
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7:30 am - i arrived at Starmall EDSA with a very large backpack, my laptop bag and a paper bag with my awesome costume for the event.

as soon as my feet landed on the place... )
all in all, CassPH's 8G redefined (i love that word) the meaning of being a fan club. It is not just through a name with "PH" at the end. it is a passion and dedication for the music that you appreciate and the people you love. and yes, we still love our OT5. stronger than ever.

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well, this is my assignment for the reference section of the library. i need to make posters promoting "love and care" for the resources used in the library, specifically the TLC (The Learning Commons). Currently, the students are being careless with using the mac mouse and the philips headphones x.x they're kinda expensive uknow?? >.< and there are also resources that are not maximized (like the itouch for example).

so i made these posters to remind the students to take care of them ^^

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i am definitely loving this fluffiness that i feel when i'm around him. 
it's better when you don't expect and just enjoy the moments.

jigeum cheoreom ^^


out of the blue he massaged me...
he massaged my back while i was in my workstation >////< 

"tama na kasi yan eh... don't stress yourself"

i swear i wanna moan out a little while he was massaging me XD 
but if feels so damn gooooooooooood~


pardon my lovestruck teen mode.
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finally. some dirty work with the accession & acquisitions section :D

jed *referring to Gerard* and i were to accession a shelf of books complete with the stamps and embedding of the security strip.

let's define that dirty work i was saying:

hands on job  )

but as always, we were all hyped up to do the job while forever listening to dj earworm's awesome mashups and a few old school songs that were playing over the radio. the assigned task which was suppose to be for 2 days was finished in just a day.

can i just say that we are an awesome duo? \m/ we are unstoppable! *pumps fist*
although right now my knuckles are hurting because of the hand jobs...LOL.

we finished the whole shelf that has 5 rows of paperback/hardbound books of various thickness and sizes. these books are not your normal books. these are engineering books and damn they do cost a lot! the most expensive book i accessioned was about 12,000+ php *___* that's the reason for the security strips and of course, the sensors by the library doors if anyone dares to pull it out by illegal means.

out of all the things that i did, i was quite amused on how to put the security strip on the book.
very, very sneaky indeed ^^

as for my entry title up there *points at the title*
i had this super roflmao moment while treating the books...

imagination might help XD )
the cotton trees in UP have "bloomed" already! 

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a whole new way of reading this first chaptered fanfic of mine :D 

cautionary warning:
can i get more redundant than this? lol
- contents are highly rated 
- not for the innocent and homophobes XD


call girl?

Apr. 26th, 2011 08:36 pm
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for this day, my work buddy and i was transferred to the acquisitions section.
we have 3 days in this department before transferring to another one (i think it will be the circulation section next).

ma'am reina, the head of the acquisitions, has given us a list of books that were acquired from year 2007 up to the present year and we were to provide the call number assigned to the accession numbers of the books. basically, we just searched the books in the iLib and copied the call number from it and pasted it to the excel file that was given to us. 

there were 1,500+ books that was listed there and...we kinda finished them already, haha XD
we were given 2 days to finish it actually but we were too excited because of the change of assignments and had the drive to finish them all. ^^;;

click to enlarge

beach boys

Apr. 24th, 2011 09:23 am
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i spent the long weekend at the province with my family. well, half of my family that is.

dancing in summer paradise... ) 


Apr. 20th, 2011 10:24 pm
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supposedly today was a half day for our work, but being the young and energetic interns that we are, we said that we're going to go full day :D most of us arrived at 8am to start off good, but apparently there was a problem with the LAN network of the lib so we couldn't start...

well, we ended up camwhoring in front of mac's webcam for the first 2 hours XD 

basically it was a lazy wednesday work for us because most of the employees are on half day. our afternoon was spent planning and brainstorming for our project proposal regarding engg lib's new brand launching. talk about complete marketing blueprint *.*

i was assigned to the IT and creative committee... and i'm not actually confident with the IT part. i'm glad that Gerard's the head of the comm. he's good with the know-how of those stuffs. then we had a session of library themes and slogans. the suggestions ranged from simple, techie, a bit lyrical, to downright retard XD 
all in all it was a great day with my work buddies. ^^;; 
i'll be looking forward to my summer ojt with this bunch.
happy long weekend everyone! 
i'll be heading to Bicol tomorrow morning so no updates from me until Easter Sunday ^^;;

Gerard, this one's for you! hahaha
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i started my ojt last week at the UP Engg Lib 2 which, if i may say, the most modern and innovative lib i have ever visited. the awesome thing about it is that every aspect of the library was conceptualized purely by a librarian. From fixes, furnitures, services and even the color palette of the interior, they were all ideas of a librarian, the dynamic librarian. 

i'm currently assigned to the serials department of the lib where i religiously index articles on technology from Manila Bulletin's Tech 101 section. my load is pretty okay, specially when you're around iMacs *.* so far i've finished 3 months worth of articles already. reading articles on latest gadgets, innovations, technology and even gaming makes me feel like a tech geek already. sometimes, while browsing through the articles, i tend to research on them online and really look into it in detail which somehow delays my work, hahaha. but it's nothing serious that would totally distract me from my work. our mod encourages us to be interested with the things we work on.

it's different when you "do" your work and "love" your work. 

my work buddy, Gerard is accusing me already of getting addicted with indexing XD i can finish one month of articles in one day, haha. 

FML moment right here. )

my only consolation for today: making the most out of the super clear iMac screen that allows me to stare at the reflection of my cute fellow trainee as i work on my station ^^ talk about a nice view in any angle, hahaha

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You Are Together

When it comes to dealing with other people, you are all class. Manners are very important to you.

You emphasize quality in all aspects of life. You're a big believer in living well.

You are almost always correct. You know when you're right, and if you end up being wrong, you'll admit it.

You are a fact-finder. You are concert with what's real and actual.

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in all honesty, i don't care if i'm delayed, long delayed from my graduation. 

i just want to do this with all my heart and with my own capabilities... 
but you just wouldn't let me. 

you would keep on forcing me your own values
and try to shove it in my face that 

well, sorry if i'm such a big disgrace to your long running record of being perfect. 

you ask me why i don't say anything about what's happening in my life... 
the reason is pretty simple:

because you'll always find something wrong about everything that i do with my life. 

oh yeah, because I'M NOT MATURE ENOUGH FOR YOU. 

not now. not ever. 


Apr. 10th, 2011 10:17 pm
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so recently ive been doing Clow card readings (but using playing cards as of the moment) for a few people already and more or less i've been accurate with them. but before anything else, my card readings ARE NOT PREDICTIONS. they merely offer solutions to situations. it is still up to us on what we want to happen. 

i did a card reading on TVXQ's situation and here's the outcome of the spread. 
(i used a general reading spread)


here's basically what i read:

personal interpretations )

so what do you think? 


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