Aug. 11th, 2011

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A/N: Very much inspired by the duet i had just recently. It's been a very long while since I had a real duet because usually, when my friends go out for karaoke, they usually mess up with the lyrics (and tune) for the fun of it. I have no problems with that though But sometimes, you really just want to sing. Sing with everything you have and put your emotions into it.

Also, if you would observe, the outline of the whole poem looks like a half-silhouette of a person ^^

A/N 2: Hi Jeff!  How was it? ^^;;


As the music starts, 
the heart beats with it. 
Slow, unsure but sincere, 
the little notes floated faintly 
across the lighted room. 

An intake of air before the first line. 
The sudden anticipation, 
like laying down the red carpet, 
before Melody gracefully walks in. 

The first few lines came out by instinct. 
Words were spoken as 
the outlines were being filled. 
But as the notes rushed by, 
so did the emotions, 
transcending, building up. 
It made the words heavier, 
but the notes lighter.

With every breath held, 
as if one's life depend on it. 
With every word spoken, 
as if it were their very last. 
Passions pouring,
voices trembling.

And as if on cue, 
Harmony blended in, 
soaring across the dim-lighted room, 
like any time you can take on the world together.  

Such a perfect moment created within seconds, 
but a memory that will last with every beat, note and tune of life.


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